What Are Blessed Bucks?

Blessed Bucks originated as a money spell in 1989. It originates from the belief that everything you do comes back to you three fold. The concept is simple, but the results are incredible.

To create a Blessed Buck, you take a $1 bill and write the following on it:

May You Be Blessed with Health, Wealth and Joy

This isn’t a requirement, but I also like to think very positive thoughts when I’m doing this, wearing a smile on my face when I think about how this dollar might affect someone else.

Then you take the Blessed Buck to a public place and hide it somewhere. IMPORTANT: Do not let anyone see you hide it and don’t wait around to see who finds it! Also, don’t tell anyone you did it. I’ll explain this later.

You can hide it anywhere, but it must be hidden. I like to put it inside a book or a greeting card. I try to avoid magazines because they have so many inserts and it’s too easy for the dollar to get lost.

What is the point of hiding a dollar?

Everybody loves discovering money. It’s amazing how excited we get, even as adults, when we find a quarter on the ground. Now take that excitement and multiply it by the feeling you would get finding a dollar, knowing it was meant only for you to find. Then think about the impact of the message written on the dollar. It’s a random act of kindness.

A dollar by itself is just a dollar. But as a random act of kindness, it will make someone’s day brighter. It will probably even inspire them to do the same for someone else. What you’re doing is setting into motion of series of positive events in the world!

How will this affect me?

People who practice this spell usually experience some type of unexpected wealth in return. Reports vary dramatically. Some people earn a few extra dollars in an unusual way. Others have received thousands. There is no solid rule on how much you will get in return, but the main objective of Blessed Bucks is to spread joy and happiness. Wealth is simply a side effect. Your intentions should be toward kindness, not greed.

One thing that’s certain is that the rewards get better when Blessed Bucks are given over time. Many people do it once or week to keep the positive energy going. Every life touched sets in motion a new change in the world.

What if I don’t believe in spells and witchcraft?

There’s a very negative connotation about spells, and most of it is due to folklore that simply isn’t true. Most people who practice spells DO believe in God and do not use spells for harm. In fact, anyone with a lick of sense understands the rule about things coming back three fold. If you wish illness or suffering against another human being, it will only come back to hurt you.

You can use Blessed Bucks without considering it a spell. Instead, think of it as a blessing or a prayer for someone else. What harm could possibly come from giving someone a dollar with a prayer on it?

Why can’t people see me hide the dollar?

Spells are all about energy. To make the spell come true, you want to focus your energy on the results. If other people see you hide the dollar, the energy is broken up into fragments and is no longer being shared directly with the intention. Essentially you are muddying up the water with multiple energies.

Can I change the wording?

Absolutely, spells are meant to be modified. I usually write “May you be blessed with health, wealth and love” with a smiley face after it. The only thing I’ve changed is the last word from joy to love. But feel free to be creative!

Can I use a $5 bill instead?

Sure! In fact, you’ll increase the positive energy by doing this. It really comes down to personal preference. I prefer to use $1 bills because I figure I can spread the joy to 5 people, whereas a $5 bill would only be found by one person. It will be up to you how much you give and how often.

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