The History of Blessed Bucks

Blessed Bucks originated in 1989 when a woman by the name of Tiger Lilly (her internet screen name) got the idea of taking the Wiccan rule that everything comes back to you three fold and applying it to money. In the internet age, her spell has spread to people around the world and become a favorite of message forums and spell-related websites.

In 2007, I contacted Tiger Lilly to find out more about how Blessed Bucks started. After I heard her story, I knew I had to create a website to help spread the word.

I decided I needed my own screen name, so I’m using Blessed Man, because that’s exactly what I am. I actually know very little about spells, so my own story is a testament that anyone can use Blessed Bucks.

Before I learned about Blessed Bucks, I was already using methods I’d learned about the law of attraction, made most popular by the worldwide success of The Secret. Now I use the law of attraction and Blessed Bucks together.

In a way, Blessed Bucks are similar to the law of attraction. You’re releasing a positive energy out into the universe, which will attract similar good energy back to you.

In 2008, this site was officially launched. I hope we can grow as a community and share more about the experiences people have had due to Blessed Bucks.