Ideas for Hiding Blessed Bucks

There are endless possibilities for places to hide your Blessed Bucks!

Here are some that I like to use:

– In a book at the bookstore. For added effect, I like to put them in books about money so people will really be surprised! I also like to put them in self-help books.

– In a greeting card, particularly a romantic card or a card giving thanks. The person who discovers it will already be in a positive, giving state of mind and the Blessed Bucks re-affirm those feelings. Plus, it makes a great story for them to share with someone else!

– Behind a can of cat food because I’m a cat lover and the cans usually cost about $1. Not only will the person be touched, but you might be buying a free can of food for their furry friend.

– In a new wallet at places like Target. They usually keep the new wallets next to men’s belts and underwear. Just imagine how surprised the buyer will be when they get home and discover it!

Share your favorite hiding places for money in the comments below!